Vintage Glamour

Take a walk with us as we explore the revived style that is, the ‘panto’ frame.

Vintage glamour is something we’ve recently seen slowly start to creep back in and people are loving it. Like clothing, fashion trends come and go, and of recent ’round frames’ have come back with a vengeance, however… it got us thinking about where this style all started.

Styles coming back a-round…

In the early part of the 19th century a few styles of eyewear worn by men and women were popular, but they all had a similar design element… round.
Why? You may ask, well… to put it simply, it was the easiest way.


This style literally translates “to pinch the nose”.
Sitting on the bridge of the nose, this style was probably one of the most uncomfortable and impractical. The pince-nez design balanced on the nose and had no temples to support the sides (which naturally made them fall off a lot). Frame designers introduced neck chains and wire ear-loops to make them a little more practical however they still were notorious for falling off. Common materials used to made this style of frame were; wire, horn or leather.


This style was also known as the “opera glasses”.
Worn commonly amongst fashionable, high-society women, the lorgnette was easily recognisable by its decorative handle. It consisted of a circular-lens held together with wire and its handle featured etched metal, carved horn and/or encrusted jewels. What made this style even more remarkable was it’s duo lens, meaning their was a different prescription in each lens to focus at two different distances. This is probably one of the most iconic examples of vintage glamour.

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