Our Story

What’s our story?

Our story at Hansen Optometrists is one rich in historyour-story. We are the oldest family run and continual Optometry practices in Australia. First established when Henry Hansen, a Danish jeweller and watchmaker, opened his jeweller shop in Orange where he made and sold spectacles in 1886. In 1902 his son, Fred Hansen, advertising himself as a “Scientific Optician”, was testing eyesight and prescribing spectacles.

In 1945 his sons, Lel and Bob Hansen, continued the tradition as fully trained optometrists. They established Western Optical Pty Ltd with practices in Orange, Parkes and Wellington.

Hansen Optometrists today

Now in its sixth generation, Hansen Optometrists has five optometrists and 14 support staff, and is one of the largest regional practices in Australia with branches in Orange and Parkes.

We are proud to have survived the test of time by continually growing and adapting to the modern age. Providing he best in optometric care and using the very latest advances in technology.

Meet the team

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