Why spend more on sunglasses?

Those $5 pair of sunnies are doing more damage than good. Our pupils dilate behind dark lenses, which means those cheap sunglasses will actually let more damaging rays into your eyes than if you weren’t wearing any at all. When looking for the right pair make sure they’re designed to block 100% of UVA and UVB light.

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Are your sunglasses tax deductable?

There are a lot of professions which require work in the sun for periods of time. Sun exposure is one of the key causes of cancer in Australia which is why sun protection is an absolute necessity.

Employees from the following industries are eligible to claim their sun protection on tax;

  • pilots/airline staff
  • builders
  • couriers
  • farmers
  • tradespeople
  • miners
  • coaches/trainers

and many more (just ask your accountant).


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