High Index Lenses


What are High index lenses?

High Index lens materials are a relatively new technology in the world of optics. They are made with dense materials which bends the light in a more efficient way, creating thinner and lighter lenses.

These lenses are ideal for patients with higher prescriptions as they will be up to 30% thinner and flatter than standard lens materials traditionally used. This will also improve the cosmetic appearance and weight factor associated with higher prescriptions, which usually can cause them to slip (due to the weight) and leave indents.

Being significantly thinner and lighter than conventional lens materials, the structural integrity of the lens is not effected in any way; in fact, these lenses are actually proven to be up to 10 times stronger than ordinary lenses. This strength is due to the technological developments in the way in which the lens is made.

No More ‘coke bottle’ glasses

In the past there was no other solutions for people with high prescriptions, these lenses were thick, heavy and gave a ‘glass bottle’ appearance. However, with this innovation in lens technology, patients with strong prescriptions can get more attractive glasses which are just as effective. It is recommended for all patients with high prescriptions to get their glasses equipped with an anti-reflective coating.


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