Custom Mapping


What is Custom Mapping?

When we refer to custom mapping, we’re talking about a unique scanning system called the Visioffice® System which creates a unique optical solution for every patient.

This machine measures how the frame is positioned on your face using the most natural position of your head, this then produces your lenses incorporating these found measurements.visioffice1

It also recommends the best visual solution for any given prescription or lifestyle type, the patient then ends up with the most precise and individualised vision in each direction.

These measurements collect data from the unique code now found in each eye (kind of like a 3D blue-print) which is then used to perfectly calculate the design for your vision.

How does it work?

The patient moves the position of their head in slight variants, The Visioffice® System then measures not only where your eye is positioned, but how far away they will be from the back of the lens.

Using technology like this, will give your the best possible vision no matter where you look — instantly and effortlessly.

Recording and performing up to 20 measurements, it measures the real 3D position of the wearers eyes and their unique eye rotation center (ERC), creating one off the most individualised lenses possible.

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