What are Aspheric lenses?

Leading the way in lens innovation are aspheric lenses, the new way to see through single vision lenses distortion free.

This type of lens is custom made to a patients specific measurements. By having a lens custom made it greatly reduces the edge distortion of the lens (the blurry sections) no matter the direction in which you gaze. The patient then gets a far wider field of view, and improved peripheral vision then they had in a previous ‘conventional’ single vision lens design. The patient will then get a significantly improved quality of the image that they see.

The advancement in optical design technology in aspherical lenses allows your new lenses to be made thinner and flatter, giving them a slimmer, more cosmetically appealing look. These designs are the go to for people with higher prescriptions because they eliminate the ‘bug eye’ appearance that can occur with such prescriptions.


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