What are Anti-Fatigue lenses?

Anti-Fatigue lenses are the solution to the digital age. Whatever your age or lifestyle, there is no way of avoiding screens. We are exposed to multiple screens during the day including; smart phones, televisions, tablets and computers.

It is no surprise that staring at screens throughout the day can be hard on your eyes and causing digital eye strain — even if you don’t currently wear glasses.

The reason this is causing digital eye strain is simple, screens are small, bright and we spend a lot of time staring at them. This constant convergence makes our eyes work a lot harder than they should. Prolonged usage of screens can lead to eye strain which can cause loss of concentration, dry eyes, headaches, back pain and blurred vision.

At Hansen Optometrists, we offer a great range of lens solutions to prevent all symptoms of digital eye strain. These special lenses coupled with Blue Light Control coatings help to reduce the harmful blue light emissions from digital screens.

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