Ocular Therapeutics

What is Ocular Therapeutics?

A therapeutic optometrist is approved to provide treatments where appropriate to their patients.  Sometimes a therapeutic optometrist will also work in conjunction with an Ophthalmologist (a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems) to treat a patient, particularly in the case of glaucoma.

Who requires this treatment?

For people with eye infections, major eye allergies, eye disease and glaucoma, therapeutics (medicines for the eye) are often required.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Sceme (PBS) & Ocular Therapeutics

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidies generally apply for ocular therapeutic products prescribed by therapeutic optometrists.

To obtain this endorsement, optometrists are required to complete mandatory training and apply for registration to prescribe therapeutics from their state board.

The optometrists at Hansens Eyecare Plus work hard to keep up to date with the latest technology, training and qualifications.  Justin Clunas, one of our full-time optometrists has completed his Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics and is able to prescribe ocular medications where necessary.

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