What is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia, or Long-sightedness, causes a person to see clearer at far than at near.

The more hyperopic you are the greater the effort required by the focusing system to keep your close work clear. This can result in eye strain and fatigue. This “strain” can manifest itself as headaches after close work, blurred near vision, tired eyes, difficulty adjusting focus from distance to near then near to distance, avoiding close work and short attention span for near tasks. This can be especially true for children starting school with a significant degree of long-sightedness.


Common symptoms are associated with tasks which require continued visual concentration. It becomes a problem to maintain a clear focus on near objects; causing headaches and tired or aching eyes.

In some age groups a prescription for hyperopia often works to relieve the strain, rather than clearing the vision. This is sometimes called Accommodative Dysfunction. These ‘stress relieving lenses’ may only be required for a short period in a child’s life as they develop better accommodative stamina.

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