Visual Field Testing


What is Visual Field Testing?

The visual field test is a measure of your central and peripheral vision (side vision) , and is used by Optometrists to diagnose and monitor different eye conditions.

It can also be used to detect any brain abnormality that may impact on your optic nerve pathway: tumours, bleeds, aneurysms etc. Symptoms including loss of detail, poor side vision, headaches, dizziness and poor night vision may be occurring and require Visual Field testing. However at times there is visual field loss occurring without symptoms as with Glaucoma.

These tests are used to detect reduced sensitivity and blind spots called scotomas in your visual field, which could be a sign of eye disease. Factors including the size, shape and degree of a scotoma offer important clues about the presence and severity of diseases within the eye, optic nerve and visual structures in the brain. Many eye and brain disorders can cause peripheral vision loss and other visual field abnormalities.

The Professionals at Hansen Optometrist provide an eye examination that is not routine for all Optometric outlets. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your vision weather it is a recent change or a slow deterioration, don’t wait, seek professional help and allow one of our Optometrists to offer their professional expertise combined with the latest diagnostic technology to fully assess and treat your visual needs.

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