Sports Vision

sports vision, an integral component of human performance.


What is Sports Vision?

Many sports we partake in rely on the reception and processing of accurate visual information. You can improve on your athletic abilities in sport by training your visual skills, using sports eyewear or even using contact lenses.

With an assessment in conjuction with visual therapy by our experts, we can improve eye tracking, concentration, focusing and 3D vision, which are just a few of the vision-related skills required for good sports performance

Sports Solutions

Depending on your sport, your visual requirements will determine which eyewear you will need for maximum performance. Whether it be; sunglasses, protective eyewear, contact lenses, etc.

Contact Lenses VS Glasses

Contact lenses have become a necessity and practical visual solution for most sports.

Some of the benefits include:

  • greater field of vision
  • safer in contact sports
  • they don’t fog up, get dirty or fall off
  • sunglasses can be worn over the top of them


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