Dry Eye Clinic


What is our Dry Eye Clinic?

Hansen Optometrists offer a dry clinic for people suffering from red, irritated, tired, watery eyes.

Once the underlying cause of the dry eye can be determined, treatment can be better targeted and applied.

What happens during the dry eye clinic?

– tear production measurement (phenol red tread test and Schirmer test)

– meibomian gland assessment (including using blephasteam)

– examination for blepharitis

– tear duct assessment (including flushing the drainage system)

– examination for demodex


Some of the treatments instigated in the dry eye clinic include:

– meibomian gland expression

– BlephEx for blepharitis

– topical anti-inflammatories

– oral medication

– tear film supplements and dietary advice

– demodex treatments


For more information on dry eye, book into our dry eye clinic or click here.

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