Hard Contact Lenses

The front of the eye is one of the most sensitive and fragile structures in the human body. Great care and strict hygiene is essential for successful contact lens wear.

Hygiene basics

1. Hands should be free of creams, nicotine, soap etc.

2. Fingernails should be clean and short to reduce risk of damage to lenses.

3. Make up should be applied after the lenses are inserted but hairspray should be used with caution as it may adhere to the lenses.

4. Lenses must be cleaned and disinfected every time they are worn.

Cleaning procedures

In the interest of comfortable wear, good vision and ocular health, the following cleaning procedures must be adhered to:
1. Remove lenses from eye and clean with Boston Advance Cleaner.

2. Rinse thoroughly with saline and place in carry case to remove Boston Cleaner.

3. Fill case with Boston Advance Conditioning Solution.

4. Place 1-2 drops of lens lubricant or Boston Rewetting Drops solution on lenses before wearing.

Wearing schedule

  • Day 1-2: 1 hour only.
  • Day 3-4:  3 hours.
  • Day 5-6:  5 hours.
  • After 1 week gradually increase wearing time an hour each day.
  • By two weeks of wear you should be up to all day wear. (12-13 hrs.)
  • If you have any problems achieving this wearing schedule please lets us know.


Never use any solutions to clean your lenses (other than prescribed) such as chemicals, house hold disinfectants, saliva or tap water.  Only use saline to rinse your lenses not to store them in.  If you have persistent redness, soreness or discomfort that lasts overnight the lenses should not be inserted until our advice has been sought.   If you have any questions or difficulties, please seek our advice.

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