Visual Processing Assessment


What is a Visual Processing Assessment?

A visual processing assessment is a series of standardised tests will probe how well your child has developed the appropriate Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual skills for their age and grade.

What does the VIP assessment include?

  • Reading Eye Movement Abilities:vip-assessmentThis test assesses the level of the development of a special type of eye movement called a Reading Eye Movement (REM). These develop with age and practice and are required to develop fluent reading without losing your place.
  • Visual Spatial Abilities: This battery of tests assesses the level of development of Bilateral Integration and Laterality and Directionality Awareness. These are required for correct letter and number orientation (b,d and 5,9 etc) and good sequential organisation on the page. This helps to establish the basis of word and form analysis.
  • Visual Analysis Skills:vip-assessmentThis battery of tests assesses the individual’s ability to visually analyse and discriminate the distinctive features of visual forms. Visual attention span (how much detail can be taken in with each look) and duration of each fixation affect visual processing efficiency. This is not an eyesight ability but a visual perception skill and is essential in the development of good reading and spelling skills (word attack and word recognition skills).
  • The Developmental Test of Visual Perception (Beery): This test gives a general assessment on the level of development of Visual Perceptual processing with no motor (i.e. writing) involvement. This gives an age percentile score on how well the individual perceives just noticeable visual differences (JND’s) essential for good reading, maths and spelling abilities.
  • The Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration (Beery): This assesses the level of Visual Motor Integration. This ability to integrate visual-spatial skills with fine motor movements is essential when learning to write and for copying from the board.
  • Finer Motor Skills: This battery of tests assesses the level of development of fine Eye-Hand Coordination which is required with writing and manual manipulation.
  • Gross Motor Skills and Auditory perceptual Skills: The VIP assessment will also include a number of screening protocols to determine if your child has any significant general motor and/or Auditory Perceptual problems that need to be addressed. If so, we will refer them to the appropriate professional.

How long will the VIP assessment take?

  • Will take between 60 – 90 mins with our Vision Therapist.
  • You will then have an appointment with your optometrist to review the results and discuss treatment options if required.
  • If possible do not to have other children with you at the time of the VIP assessment.
  • If your child requires referral to another professional for further assessment (eg Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, or Paediatrician etc) a full report will be provided.

How much will a VIP assessment cost?

The Optometric Consultation is covered by Medicare.

VIP Assessment Fee:  $120

This fee covers the Visual Therapist’s time for the VIP assessment and for all the reports required for Parents, Teacher or other Professionals.

This Fee is not claimable through Medicare or your Health Fund.

Intuitive Colorimetry

What is Colorimetry?

Visual Stress (also known as “Meares-Irlen” syndrome) is a condition that refers to specific reading difficulties due to light sensitivity when exposed to disturbing visual patterns. The Intuitive Colorimeter enables us to independently change the hue, saturation and brightness of colour to sequentially explore an individual’s “colour space” rather than just using a subjective experience of coloured overlays. A final colour is only prescribed when it clearly demonstrates a reduction in visual stress or improvement in visual processing.  These tints have been found to be effective in approximately 5% of the population who suffer from Visual Stress and approximately 40% of patients who suffer from visually – induced migraines.

How much will a Intuitive Colorimetry Assessment cost?

  • Screening Assessment (within the VIP assessment) – No cost.

–       If the screening assessment indicates coloured lenses may be beneficial, a comprehensive colorimetry assessment is required and a second appointment will be made that can take up to 30-40 minutes.

  • Full Colorimetry Assessment – $ 90

This Fee is not claimable through Medicare or your Health Fund.

Assessment fees are payable on the day of consultation.

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