Diabetes and the Eye

Diabetes has become one of the biggest public health issues in Australia, and is tipped to become more prevalent in the coming decades. Diabetes can affect many parts of the eyes in a number of ways, with symptoms increasing in severity as the illness progresses.  Problems with vision can occur…

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End Trachoma 2020


Orange Daybreak Rotary will work with other Rotary clubs in the area to raise awareness and funds to help eliminate trachoma in Australia. Trachoma is the leading cause of infectious disease globally and Australia remains to be the last leading country with this infectious disease. Trachoma is spread by personal…

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Understanding Glaucoma


Your eye functions similar to an old-style camera. In the camera, the light comes in through the shutter, is focused by the lens, falls onto the film and then it’s processed. In your eye, light comes in through the cornea and pupil. It is focused by the lens, falling onto…

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Summer in Australia

Summer in Australia can be loads of fun; beaches, long days, and thongs, but did you know that your eyes may be suffering from too much UV exposure? The Facts Almost 60 per cent of Australians believe it is only the midday sun that poses the greatest UV threat but…

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Hansen Wrap Up 2017

So as we’re coming to the end of the year and we feel now is the best time to give our Hansen wrap up 2017. We’ve have had so many exciting things happen this year both in store and with our staff. 2017 was a year of new beginnings at…

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Congradulations Bek

We just want to give a huge congradulations to Bek! We are so excited to announce, our Optical Dispenser Bek has now completed her Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing! This is a tremendous achievement for Bek and we are really proud of her. What is an Optical Dispenser? An Optical Dispenser…

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ODMA 2017

We weren’t dissappointed! We’re so pumped to be back into the working week after a big weekend at ODMA 2017. For those who don’t know, ODMA is a massive optical fair that took place at the convention centre in Sydney this year. At this convention you get to see the…

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Banjo Patterson Business Hall of Fame

sean hansen accepting award

Hansen Optometrists are proud to announce that we have one the first ever Banjo Patterson Business Hall of Fame award for 2016. We would like to say a very big thank you to the people of Orange and the Central West for their support over the years. This is one of…

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Giving something back


Optometry Giving Sight is an Australian charity that aims to eliminate the single biggest cause of blindness in the world… the lack of a pair of glasses. They do this by raising money though optometrists, optical companies and people who value good vision. These projects have transformed the lives of…

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10 Reasons for an Eye Test

Our vision is something most people take for granted which is a scary thought considering we only get one set of eyes. Your eyes are magical and they should be well taken care. Here is a top 10 of reasons why you should get routine eye examinations; Most eye diseases have…

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