Vintage Glamour

Take a walk with us as we explore the revived style that is, the ‘panto’ frame. Vintage glamour is something we’ve recently seen slowly start to creep back in and people are loving it. Like clothing, fashion trends come and go, and of recent ’round frames’ have come back with…

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An artistic masterpiece


Coco Song Truly an artistic masterpiece, Coco Song’s collection of eyewear are beautifully manufactured creations which recall the mysterious culture of East Asia. They pay respect to the Chinese culture using precious stones and icons fluent throughout their mythology. Every frame is handmade using high quality Italian acetate, being limited edition…

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Love at first sight

Feminine, bold, risqué, confident… a few words that perfectly summaries the individuality that is Chantal Thomass lunette.   Each model in her range carries the signature lace, pin-up panther print, or soft bow. These beautiful elements create a vintage feel with that subtle risque vibe. Her feminine modern day cats-eye and…

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First impressions matter

First Impressions MATTER The moment you see something, you subconsciously form an impression, so it only makes sense that when someone sees you they also form an impression. People make impressions, it’s apart of our nature, whether it be about the way you look, the way you talk or even…

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Kids and the Sun

kids need sun protection outdoors

We all know what the damage is that the sun can do to our skin, a burn, or worst case being a skin cancer, but what about our eyes? Children spend a lot more time outdoors than adults which means they are more exposed to UV radiation at a young age. A child’s…

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Technical Luxury

Technical Luxury Wearing glasses has never looked this good. Porsche Design is always pushing the boundaries of their brand and now has its own collection of high end sunwear and optical frames. These frames are sleek and stylish, which is something quite refreshing in men’s fashion. In the passed few years…

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